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Email FAQs - Lately I can only receive mail but can't send mail.


This used to be a very limited problem, but more and more dial-up providers are changing their settings so we've decided to include this in the helpdesk.

The problem is likely that your ISP has installed some new fangled spam filtering software which won't allow you to send email out of their connection through any outgoing mail server but theirs.  The most recent ISP to implement this change is MSN.  The only work around is to change your outgoing mailserver on all mailboxes to the ISP's outgoing mailserver. This doesn't change how your mail appears to someone receiving it (unless they get a kick out of reading mail headers).  Your email will still come from yourmailbox @yourdomain.com and when they hit reply it will still come back the same.  Basically it's just taking a slightly different path to get there.

So, how do you know what your outgoing mailserver is?  Well, if you have a mailbox that you're running that is an ISP based box (like something @earthlink.net or something @email.msn.com then you can look at the properties on that account to find out what outgoing mailserver it uses.  If you don't have an ISP based mailbox you can look at you can try going to your ISP's website and see if they have the information posted somewhere.  If all else fails, call them and ask what your outgoing mailserver setting should be.

Now, once you know what your new outgoing mailserver should be, here's how to fix it:
In Outlook Express on the top menu go to Tools, then down to Accounts.
In the Accounts window that opens (yours will have accounts in it, not be blank like the one at left) single click on the mail account you are having problems sending from.

This will open the Properties window.  On the Outgoing mail(SMTP) line enter whatever your ISP's outgoing mailserver is.  Then move to the bottom of the page.  Under the line where it says Outgoing Mail Server, check the box next to My server requires authentication.  Then click the Settings... button.

This opens the Outgoing Mail Server settings Window.  Click the circle next to Log on using.  This will un-grey the Account name and password boxes.  In Account name, type the userid you use when you dial into your ISP.  Password is your dial-up password.  When finished, click OK and you'll be returned to the Properties window above. 

On the Properties window, click Apply and then OK. 

When you've finished with the changes make sure to close Outlook Express then reopen it to make sure it takes the changes.  If messages were already sitting in your outbox and they continue to error out you may need to remove them and re-write them to be sure they use the new settings.