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Uploading FAQs - How do I publish my site using Front Page?

Uploading in Front Page is accomplished using the Publish function.  It is very important that when your site was created in Front Page it was created as a "web" and not individual pages.  Front Page knows to publish all pages within the web when it publishes.

To perform the publish function, open the copy of your site which you have created on your computer.  Before beginning publishing please make sure that the first page of your site is named index.htm or index.html.

1) Click on the Publish button (pointer 1 in Figure FP1 above).  This will open the Publish Dialog box.

2) Figure FP2 and FP3 show the Publish Web Dialog box.  When it first appears it may look like Figure FP2.  Click the Options button (pointer 1 in Figure FP2) to drop down the Options shown in Figure FP3.  In the location line (pointer 1 in Figure FP3) type the location of your website.  Do NOT over type the http:// portion.  That needs to remain.  Ex. if your website were mywebsite.com in this line you would type http://www.mywebsite.com .  Next, click the circle (pointer 2 in Figure FP3) next to "Publish all pages, overwriting any already on the destination."  (In the future, after publishing for the first time you will likely change this back to "Publish changed pages only" to make publishing faster).  When finished, click the Publish button (pointer 3 in Figure FP3). 
After clicking the Publish button the window shown in Figure FP4 will appear, indicating that Front Page is trying to connect to the server.
Once Front Page has connected to the server it will display the box shown in Figure FP5 asking for username and password.  These were provided to you in your setup letter. Enter the username and password exactly as provided in your setup letter.  When finished, click OK. You will then return to Figure FP4 and will see pages flying from one side to the other, indicating publishing is taking place.

In some cases publishing may time or error out before completing.  This is common in cases of a slow internet connection, but may occur in other cases as well.  If publishing times out, simply return to the Publishing Dialog and click Publish again to resume the process.

If you receive an error message saying Front Page cannot connect to the server, click Publish again.  If you get the error message a second time you may not have requested Front Page extensions for your site.  Click here to request extensions for your site.