PCI Compliance and How We Can Help

PCI Compliance and how we can help:

ACTWD has been long offering PCI compliance and helping their customers meet the ridged requirements. From helping answer the questionnaire to making sure each security scan passes and helps you meet the criteria you must meet to continue accepting Visa and Mastercard. We also advise our customers on how to meet those requirements and work with them when they fall out of compliance. We are experts on what needs to be done for you to obtain and maintain your pci compliance for your business, large or small.

Each day we review our PCI customer scans to make sure they are meeting the criteria they need to. We work with McAfee to meet those standards and scan our customer sites daily to make sure they are always passing. When things need to be address we address them. If a problems arises, we fix it or talk to you about what can be done to address it.

All of our customers don’t worry about PCI, they worry about how to run their businesses, make money and service their customers. We also help the customer answer each of the questions and help work with them to run their business in the most secure manner possible.

We welcome you to call us to see how we can affordably help your business. The objective is to lower the overhead and the burden it puts on smaller companies. We already ran our hosting company in a PCI complaint manner so this was a natural transition to make, letting other know we provide this service and it does not cost an arm and a leg to do it. We’ve always operated with the safety of all of our businesses first and foremost. And our present customers always enjoyed the fact that their business are not bothered with hackers or downtime that comes from hackers. This is nothing new to us and not something we are having to scramble to do. We are already doing it for a large portion of our customer base.

We encourage you to call and see how we can help your business today.

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