Web Hosting Check List With Answers

How to pick a Web Host and avoid problems later:
Another example of outstanding customer service provided by www.webhostingforidiots.com

Please print or save the following checklist and use it to help you pick you new hosting company. These questions should be questions any hosting company you choose should be willing to answer or already have posted on your site. This list is based on phone calls we have received from people that didn’t check out there new hosting company before they bought their new web site and unfortunately didn’t find these things out before they were a problem . We can’t stress enough that even if you choose another hosting company you know the answers to these questions.


Company Name:  ACTWD (Acreative Touch Web Design), Web Hosting For Idiots
Web Address:  www.actwd.com www.actwdsitehosting.com


Yes No Do I own my domain? Yes
Yes No 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Yes
Yes No If I cancel after the first 30 days, will I get a refund of the time I haven’t used? Yes, full refund of any money for any time you haven’t used
If No, what is the policy: N/A


Yes No Are their penalties if I go over my space? No we send a letter asking if you need to upgrade. There is NO fee of any kind to upgrade an account. If you are over space you do have the opportunity to remove your files or increase your space without any type of penalty or extra charge!
If yes, what are they, and how is it calculated:


Yes No 24 Hour Live Support Yes
Yes No Email Support Only No
If yes, what is the normal time I should expect an answer: usually 1-2 hours, frequently less that 30 minutes


Have I tried it? How long to get a response?:


Yes No Phone Support: Yes
Yes No Have I called to see how long the hold time is? No Hold Time we hire enough people to answer the phone
How long did I have to hold until I get a representative?


What Kind of Servers: 4 2.4 ghz processors. All servers are Dell
How Much Ram: 2 Gig
How many sites per machine: 500
How long in business: 21 Years
Better Business Bureau: Have I checked their file, do they have complaints?

We strongly urge you to take a minute or two and research any web hosting company you are going to do business with. The #1 complaint the BBB receives is regarding internet related companies. Remember there are no consumer protection laws with web hosting companies like there is with the some other utility companies you may already deal with. It’s up to you to protect yourself. The info is easily found online and may save you hassles in the long run.