Domain FAQs

Q: Do I own my free domain?
A: Yes. You register it though our online interface. What you put in, is the information recorded. If we type it in for you, we use the information you give us.

Q: Is there a contract?
A: No. We do not require a contract, but by signing up you are agreeing to our Term of Services and Domain Registration Agreement.

Q: What is the Old Patriotic Act & how does it affect my domain?
A: Beginning January 1st, 2014 an owner of a domain must verify his/her information to ensure that the domain does not get suspended. Once the verification email sent been sent to the admin email address on file, you have 15 days to verify before the domain is suspended. If you need to update any information on the registration to verify the domain, we will need a copy of a government issued ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Etc.). If your site is suspended before you were able to verify, once the necessary changes are made and the domain is verified, it will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes for your site and email to come back up.

Q: Is the customer or the domain registrar company responsible for updating domain registration information?
A: The customer is responsible for making any and all changes to their registration. We are more than happy to make changes for you when required, but if the change is not requested the customer is responsible for keeping the registration current and update to date.

Q: How can I pay for my domain renewal?
A: To make a payment for your yearly domain renewal, you can call and make a payment over the phone. Or you can submit payment information to the form, and we will send you a receipt for your confirmation.

Q: My domain was brought here by Tucows, how do I handle renewing my domain now?
A: If you have a domain that was pushed here by Tucows, we will now be your new reseller who you renew your domain with. After verifying the names on the registration using a government issued ID. We can give you access to your domain registration so you can update any information needed. For payments, you can call our office between office hours and process the payment over the phone. Or you can submit payment information to, and we will process the card and send you a receipt.

Q: How do I know if my domain is coming up for expiration?
A: We will send you 90, 60, and 30 day notices for expiration so you are aware of the expiring domain. It is your responsibility to have an up to date admin email address on your registration. If that is kept current you will receive the notices at that email address.

Q: My domain is in redemption, how do I get it back?
A: When your domain falls into redemption you can redeem the domain and secure it from going back onto the free market by paying the fee of $199, which includes the first year of registration. After the payment is made it will take about 3-4 business days for it to completely be in our registration system. Once the domain is here, we would need a copy of a government issued ID (Drivers License, Passport, Etc.) to verify the name on the registration. Once the name is verified, we will update anything requested and we will send you the domain registration login so you have full access to the registration.

Q: What are your domain renewal rates?
A: If you pay for hosting as an annual payment, your domain renewal is free of charge. For customers who are a push here from Tucows, the yearly renewal rate is $29 a year with no hosting. For any other domains that do not pay for hosting annually, your domain renewal is $19 a year.

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