Domain Registration Services

Don’t let our name fool you. Web Hosting For Idiots proudly offers domain registration services to our customers. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t pad our names, off for them for cheap and then bury cost so that check out is far more expensive than quoted. We offer domains for free with all of our annual hosting products. After all, you really can’t host a website without a domain. We also offer discounted rates for our customers that host with us. And of course we offer services for those of you who want to just park the domain here or have DNS services.

We have worked with  Tucows for over 10 years and in 2013 also were hand selected by them to handle all their domain issues. They entrusted us with this vital service because of the depth of our knowledge on owning a domain, servicing a domain, and how to help customers navigate the rules that come along with domain ownership. We know its can be tricky and work to get each of our customers the right answer for their particular situation.

Domains Registration and Marketing

Domains can be fun (like ours) or they can be a serious representation of our company. Because we work in all areas of website ownership and management, we help our customers choose a good domain, when the need arises. There are many marketing functions of the domain and there are many things to consider and we are always here to answer those questions. What goes into a good domain name is something that we encourage each of our customers to consider.

Many have domains and don’t know or understand how it all works. We often work with our customers to help empower them to understand how to own a domain or what domain registration really entails. Most of all strive to be a one stop place our customers can come and ask questions and speak with us to help them with the things they don’t know.


Domain Registration Agreement