Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

What’s In The Name: Why registering the right domain name is essential to your success!

Okay so everyone has a website these days. Web sites are now necessity just as a phone book ad is. Believe it or not what you pick for a domain name will affect how busy your site is and how well you rank with a search engines.

Now if your IBM, Microsoft or Dell, you don’t have to worry about how people will find you…and you probably can stop reading this now. Because what we have to say doesn’t apply to you. Who it applies to is small and midsize businesses that want to increase your exposure. Who it applies to are companies who want to be accessible to their customers and vendors.

The Internet has been called the great equalizer and honestly where else can small companies compete on a leveled playing field with its bigger competitors.

With this said, let’s cut to the chase, if you make widgets put widgets in your domain name. If you make bricks, put bricks in your domain name.

So why would you do this or how do you execute this. Think of ice-skating, search engines are based on a scoring system called algorithms. Your domain name is equivalent to landing a triple jump. If your domain contains the most important component of your business, you will rank higher than if you don’t include it.

Lets take Acme Inc. They make bricks. We would recommend to this person a two-step process. First, pick a domain containing the word bricks, e.g…,, any of these will substantially increase the chances of a successful search engine placement. Why?…because if someone is looking for brick and mortar supplies, if its in your domain, it is a pretty good bet your web site contains information on brick and mortar supplies. So you are scored higher. Now does this work for Yahoo…yes and no…the domain is more likely to get noticed by the human that reviews your site than a site that doesn’t contain any information other than Remember each site in Yahoo is review by a human. So make sure it looks good and has no broken links.

Okay now there is something else to consider, letterhead…yes letterhead and business cards and envelopes…get the picture. is just too long to put on a business card. So here’s what you have to do…you have to decide…do you trade off your search engine ranking for a better looking business card…do you pick the long name that will be hard for customers remember. Or, do you use two names…one for search engines and one for business cards.

What we advise our clients is you should purchase both names…and put a pointer, something that redirects the long name to the short name. Now many hosting companies don’t offer this service for free (hint, hint. we do because we think its was best for our small businesses).

Our second approach is to place a copy of the site on both domains…that part isn’t free of charge but what we do is offer a deeply reduced price on the second domain. You will still have full service for the discounted space. It is just a courtesy  to our customers. The second space is as little as $7.95 per month. Remember we have also reduced the domain cost so you can make a informed decision and not have to pay a premium price.

Take our advice and try it…you can purchase a 1 year domain for $19.00. What do you have to lose!

Please enter your domain choices below and register your new dot com today!

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