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E-Commerce hosting needs to be augmented with SEO.As more and more people buy off the Internet, effective and secure E-commerce is a necessity for both vendors and customers. Web Hosting for Idiots takes the fear out of completing transactions online for our customers by working with reputable companies who provide these important services for you.

Why Choose Web Hosting for Idiots (WHFI) to Help You Build and Operate your E-Commerce Store

E-commerce is all about convenience for your online customers. They can shop, buy, and receive their purchases without leaving their home or office. It makes gift-giving easy for the busiest of people, and increases sales for those companies who can provide the goods and a secure transaction. Our clients supply the products, and though WHFI makes the process easy for everyone, we can do more than that. We are a full-service web site development and marketing company.

Not only can we help you build a customized online store, we can also help you use effective SEO & SEM (search engine optimization and marketing) that helps potential customers find their way to your site no matter the time of day or their location. Of course, if there is also a brick-and-mortar storefront, the hours should be on the website along with the address, telephone number, and instructions on how to reach the store. Provide a good, thorough “About” page to give consumers that personal touch.

To make it big with the consumer, the site has to first impress the search engines.

A website is often the first impression a business will make on potential customers. To that end it has to be clean, aesthetically pleasing, informative, and free of clutter and debris. Before that can happen, a profitable e-commerce site has to first appeal to the search engines.  Web Hosting for Idiots’ team of experienced professionals can help you to succeed in today’s online marketplace with both search engines and potential customers.

Custom E-Commerce and Content Management System gives our customers a huge push to the top of search engines. We’ve designed the system to include necessary elements of Search Engine Marketing so each of our users have the maximum success. WHFI with the help of a few of our own customers, has had a long reputation of being able to secure success with search engines. We have been long developing a E-Commerce system that works in search engines, not against them. This has been a long process but those who have participated now have sites that solidly garner huge volume’s of traffic with no paid for advertising. They also rank on key terms an in many cases this shopping cart directs the traffic to these sites directly.

Our unique E-Commerce and Content Management System has been fine tuned by our search engine marketing firm. It is designed to allow for deep spidering of your site which will allow you better visibility on the search engines, where as the entire system sets your site up to succeed with search engines, even on more competitive terms. Additionally we are available to assist you.

Once the cart is installed, you can add inventory, track orders and manage your site with very little knowledge. The entire content management and inventory system is database driven which makes management easy.

To demonstrate:

Christmas-decorations-gifts-store.com – You will see they are ranked #3 on Christmas decorations.
watch-universe.com is #7 on Discount Watches
911guardian.com #10 Harris County Child Support

Many pay top dollar to advertise to get on these pages. However because of our software and system these sites rank naturally. The system is setup perfectly so that your site ranks. And best of you it does it with you needing very little knowledge or web ability.. Basically what you need it commitment and you will be off and running. If you are serious about having a top ranking website please give us a call.

Shopping Cart and Service features include:

  • Search Engine Friendly Design, URL, management
  • Easy to Populate your store
  • Inventory Management
  • Database Driven
  • Easy to Manage
  • SSL  Included in Setup
  • Merchant Accounts with the most competitive rates

Review our customers already enjoying this proven service:


Organic Search Engine Optimization

Many of theses sites average 30,000+ visitors per month, with no purchased advertising. All traffic comes directly from search engines, organically.

Please contact info@actwd.com or call 281-852-8253 for consultation and pricing to help your site succeed.

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