SEO Historical Information

Several months ago I decided that I wanted to rebuild the Web Hosting for Idiots site. It was old and tired looking. To boot, the reason I left it with its retro look is that it ranked with in Google. Well as with anything Google, times change and I knew I had come to the point of needing to change it.

As I started to go though all these pages I realized that I had alot of information that although in its day was very useful, it was  was no longer completely true. In the past 17 years, I and by proxy many of our clients have learned how to get their website to rank. So I was faced with a conundrum. Do I save the old pages and leave them in tact. Or do i rewrite them and forever lose the historical value. Additionally, I knew that i would have to be adding more updated info anyway so why not create an archive.

As odd as it seems that you are reading this page on a web hosting site, we have always felt that part of our job was to help our customers. Those that have heard me speak publicly know that I speak of my first client 17 years ago, who every day asked me why they weren’t ranked in Yahoo. Little did I know that it would launch a career. What I know is we are awesome at getting site ranked. And we have always tried to pass that info on to our Web Hosting customers, not just our Marketing and Web Design folks.

So here is the section on the website that will now house all the old info. If you take the time and read it over you will see there is progression and evolution of the search engines and actually formulate a foundational understand which will allow for you to understand SEO in the present day.

I’ll keep the info up to date and moving the old stuff here. Because anyone that truely knows seo will tell you, old pages should never be deleted. Moved, repurposed or left alone, yes, but never deleted.



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