Definitions of Web Hosting Terms

The Details…what it all means.

Many companies throw around terms and large numbers in order to make their plan appear bigger and better. However, when you start to read, the question becomes what do you really need to from your web hosting company. The list below gives a break out of all the options our hosting plans come with. We have tried to put this in plain English to help you understand what they all mean.

Because we are a leader in business and personal web hosting, we are constantly evolving our plans to include the features and services that businesses need. Live on line web statistics, plenty of email boxes for all of your employees, live technical support to help answer your questions- not just one that refers you to a web site or offers only email support or makes you sit on hold for 2 hours to talk to a rep that has no idea how to answer your question.

  • Domain Name Hosting

    You own .com, .org, or .net name web address

  • Disk Space

    The amount of space your files can take up. Depending on how large your files are you can have hundreds of pages and images on your site. If you only have a few pages pick the smallest size. Upgrading is free with us and can be done immediately so there’s no problems. The average web site is less than 25 megs and includes over less than 150 pages.

  • Domain

    A domain is part of every network address, including web site addresses, email addresses, and addresses for other Internet protocols such as FTP, IRC, and SSH. All devices sharing a common part of an address, or URL, are said to be in the same domain.
    In the address,  webhostingforidiots is the domain, web-hosting is a directoryin that domain, and secrets-for-web-site is a file in the directory.

  • Monthly Transfer

    The how many times your site is viewed by others on the internet. To put this in perspective. 1000 megabytes is 1 gigabyte. We have set the limit high to stop abuses but not penalize our customers With normal use, you should never get to 20% of this number. Each Gig equals about 500,000 visits.

  • Email Accounts

    You may access your email to send and receive mail with your domain in it. For example These accounts can be accessed via a mail program like Outlook Express or via your web browser.

  • Web Hosting Control Panel

    Easy management consolidated management of your site. Includes Email management, built in statistics, database manager, password management, password protected directory management and usage

  • Email Forwarding: Anyone@ Email Service

    You can have as many redirected emails as you would like. For example you could choose to send sales, info and webmaster to

  • Web Based E-mail

    We have installed a system that will allow you to receive your mail via a web browser. What that means is you can now check your email from anywhere even if you have added your account to a mail program like Outlook. This is very handy for business travel, college students that use the university computer to get their mail or anyone that may be away from their desktop computer through the day.

  • Unlimited Email Forwarding

    You may choose to have as many of your emails go to your mail go to your Hotmail box, your AOL account or what ever account you choose.

  • MS FrontPage® Extensions

    Microsoft FrontPage is a program that helps you design your site. Many functions of the web are scripted. Microsoft has set up their program execute these scripts and such through a set of extensions. Many companies charge extra for this support.

  • FREE Daily Stats

    How many people come to your site. Where are they coming from? This is important marketing data so you can help add traffic to your site. Programs that process your log files can cost $250 to over $1,000. We provide it free of charge. You may view your stats at

  • 24/7 access

    Unlimited access to your account. No extra fees or charges

  • FREE 24 Hour Tech Support

    Live Techs standing buy to answer your hosting questions. From system questions to forgetting your password.
    Audio/Video Streaming-From clips of training seminars to a video of your granddaughter’s first step, we provide support for audio/video streaming which will allow your visitors to view your programming on demand on the internet. We will be adding a REAL audio video support page that will walk even the newest user through the process of encoding their audio and video files for the internet. Until then you can visit and get some of the details and software you will need, most of its free.

  • CGI Access

    We allow the ability to run perl and cgi scripts live from your website, counter, message boards plus many more that you can find on the web.

  • PHP and MySQL Support

    These are database support programs as wells as server-side scripting options which allows you to create dynamic web pages, message board shopping carts. Our control panel is written using php and mysql

  • Pre-Configured Scripts are available such as form mailers message boards and counters.
  • Free Online Resources

    We have complied a comprehensive list of site development sites, web marketing sites, web designers and many outsourced resources for you to have the most effective website.

  • Free Listing with 1,200 search engines and directories.
    We blast your sites out to as many places as we can find. Free of charge. In addition, although fee-based, we also provide search engine support services to help you get to the top of the search engines.
  • Search Engine Ranking Software: Ever wonder where your site ranks on major search engines. We have added this easy to use tool for your to use. Know where you rank, if you go up or down and if your keywords and meta tags are working. This is a must for anyone who wants a successful web site.
  • Search Engine Submission Software: Software to frequently resubmit your site to search engines, a must if you are going to win the search engine war.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee

    We realize how important your site is and are committed to having your site on line 99.7% of the time. Over all our servers are down approximately 5 minutes per month total for things such as system reboots.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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