I Paid Another Company For My Domain, How Did It End Up With You?

We were recruited by Tucows to handle all domain disputes on their behalf. What that means is that we are frequently assigned domains by them to resolve. We recognize that some of you may have paid other hosting or domain registrars, but those payments weren’t transferred for one reason or another to Tucows, and therefore you service was not renewed.


We are experts in handling this type of situation and will require payment for your domain renewal.

You may setup to make a payment here.

Pricing for regular renewals for most TLD are as follows:

  • $29 Non-ACTWD hosting customers.
  • $19 To all ACTWD hosting customers that just want us to service the domain without hosting or payment plans.
  • Free to all ACTWD hosting customers who pay annually.


My Admin Email Is Wrong Or Goes To The Wrong Person

If your domain email address is wrong you will need to contact tech support and give them the following items for the domain registrant or admin, if it’s the admin listed on the domain:

  1. you will need to give them a government issued photo ID if you are the admin or
  2. you will need to give them a government issued photo ID and corporate paperwork for the registrant


If you don’t have access to either of these items you will need to call tech support for specific instructions related to you. Please note that domain ownership issues are only handled during normal business hours (9AM-5PM) US Central Time Monday – Friday.

How To Get An Auth Or EPP Code To Transfer My Domain

If your domain is registered through Tucows you may request your code by either contacting techsupport@actwd.com or you can log into the domain control panel and select domain extras. Your code will display on the screen.


If you don’t know your username and password AND your domain email address is not correct, you will need to contact us. You will need the following items if your email does not work:

  1. A government issued photo ID for the domain admin or registrant listed on the domain registration.
  2. Government issued paperwork if your domain is held by a company or corporation


How To Update The Name Servers On My Domain

Changing the name servers on your domain means that you are trying to move hosting companies, usually.


To do this simple go to the domain manager found here: Domain Manager

  1. Login to your domain. Should you not have the login you can submit a ticket to your tech support department and let them know you need a password reset link for your domain.
  2. Once logged in find the tab that says nameservers and click on it.
  3. Modify your nameservers. You must have at least 2 and they must be valid for the system to save them.
  4. Remember to save your changes and allow 12-24 hours for the changes to propagate with your new hosting services.

How Do I Update The Information On My Domain Name

Updating the information on your domain name is an easy process as long as you have your domain username and password and you have kept your domain name up-to-date.


To make a change to your domain name and your admin contact is correct please follow the steps below:

  1. Open this link: Domain Name Management
  2. If you don’t have the login information for your domain name please submit a ticket to our tech support department and let them know you need a password reset link for your domain name. The reset link will allow you to set the password yourself and provide the username if needed. You will need to do this within the allotted timeframe of the link will expire.
  3. Type your domain name WITHOUT the www. This is important. The tool will not work with www typed on that line and the system will error.
  4. Use the new information you just reset to login and make your modifications. Please be aware, if you update the name or the admin email on the domain registration, the system will send you an email to the admin email on the domain registration that will require you to approve the new changes. If this email is not approve it could suspend your domain until it is approved.