I Created A Mailbox In My Control Panel, But It’s Not Working

The primary reason created email boxes don’t work is that part of the creation process was skipped or wrong mail settings are being used. If you can see your mailbox in your Plesk control panel, but it’s not working in an email program or with webmail, check the following things.


1) Make sure the Mailbox option was checked when the mailbox was created. Even if the mail name was created, if no option was selected, the mail name won’t do anything. It must be designated as either a mailbox, a mail forward, or a mail group to work.

A mailbox is a true email box with send and receive ability. A mailbox must be setup in an email program (like Outlook Express) or accessed through our Webmail interface to be used.

A mail forward is not an email box. It’s simply a redirect for the mail. A mail forward sends any mail received by that mail name to another mailbox which you selected when you created the mail forward.

A mail group is basically a mail forward to more than one address. For example if you have a sales mail name on your domain and you’d like that mail forwarded to each of your sales people you could enter all their email addresses into the mail group for sales. All email sent to sales@yourdomain.com would then be automatically forwarded out to the members of the mail group. (Keep in mind that this function is not intended for use for spam mail or running mailing lists. Such uses would be a violation of our terms of service and would result in immediate suspension of your account.)

In your control panel mail area, check the icons next to the mail name you created. Make sure that the mailbox icon is filled in. If not, you will need to click on that mail name to access the mail admin screen for that name.

Inside the mail admin screen, click the checkbox next to Mailbox and click the update button.


2) Make sure that the mail name was not set up as a forward or mail group. Forwarded mail (which includes mail groups) is forwarded directly out to the designated receipient. It does not sit on the server and cannot be retrieved using the mail name setup here. Forwarded mail can only be retrieved through the email address it was forwarded to. For example if you create a mail name of info and set it to forward to you@aol.com, when that mail comes into our server it is routed to the info mail forward which immediately sends it out to the you@aol.com email address. You would then receive this mail by logging on to your AOL account and retrieving mail through their system.


3) Make sure that all mail settings you are designating in your email program setup or Webmail login attempt are correct. The userid and password for a mail login are not the same as those used to access your hosting space. They are the settings designated when you created the mail name through the control panel. The userid is the email address you created and the password is the password you set when you created the mail name.

Also check your mail servers. They are typically listed as mail.yourdomainhere.com for both the incoming and outgoing. Ex. if your domain were bobnrob.com your mailservers would be mail.bobnrob.com for both incoming and outgoing mail servers. (If you have something different please contact our tech support department to review before making any changes to the incoming and outgoing mail servers.)

Lastly, check the case you are using. If you set the mail name up as laura, but are using a userid of Laura, the computer will not match and will say your userid is invalid. Rule of thumb is to use all lowercase letters in an email address. Spaces and other characters should not be used. Stick to . or _ if you must create a break in the address.


If you are still experiencing issues please submit a ticket or contact our tech support department.

Why Do My Emails Keep Getting Bounced Back

If you or someone else sending to you are receiving a bounce back message it could mean many things.


The first thing to always check is that they are typing the email address in correctly. It may sound simple, but it is one of the most common issues. Even a capital letter could cause a bounce back message to occur.


If the message keeps occurring please submit a ticket or contact our tech support department and provide them with the error. We can review the issue and see what is causing it and assist you with fixing it.

Are Spam Filters Available

Yes, we have several level of spam filters available to our customers. By default, we try to not over filter your emails because we understand this is business mail and we want there to be options.


We do have customizable spam filters that we can turn on for you if you need them. You can submit a request here: https://www.actwd.com/about/contact-actwd/

Why Can’t I Receive Emails

There are few causes for this. Before you call the office please reboot your computer completely down and restart it, check your spam folders as well.

Many times, those two things will solve the problem.


If your problem is still not solved, please go to www.myipaddress.com and copy your ip address. Please have this ready when you start a chat, email us, or call into the office to review the issue.


Occasionally we are the cause of a delay in delivery, so please feel free to shoot us an email or call the office if you have done both of the above items and are still having an issue.

Why Can’t I Send Emails

There are so many different reasons that you can’t send an email.


One of the most common is that you have blocked yourself because you are not using the right email servers.

Email servers are mail.yourdomain.com (insert your actual domain there)


Another major reason is passwords being typed wrong and causing your IP to be blocked. And the biggest issue we see is that people change their password on one device and forget to change it on their computer or phone. Make sure if you change your password, you do it across all devices or our system will block you thinking your a hacker.


If your problem is still not solved, please go to www.myipaddress.com and copy your ip address. Please have this ready when you start a chat, email us, or call into the office to review the issue.

How To Setup Outlook Express (Windows XP or older)

If you are still using this software, you should consider upgrading your computer and using Office 360.


Before attempting to setup your email boxes in Outlook Express, please make sure you have created the mailboxes on the server through your control panel.


  1. On the top menu in your Outlook Express click Tools to drop down the menu.
  2. On the Tools menu click on Accounts to open the Internet Accounts window.
  3. On the Internet Accounts window, click Add to pop out the side menu and then select Mail to begin the Mail Wizard.
  4. Enter your Display Name. This is how your name will appear in someone’s email program when you send an email to them. After typing your name, click Next.
  5. On the email address line type the address you setup through your control panel. Ex: If your domain name is mydomain.com and you created a mailbox billy, then the email address would be billy@mydomain.com. When finished, click Next.
  6. The first line asks what type of incoming mail server you have. Our mail servers are POP3 servers. This is generally the default, however if something else appears, click the down arrow and select POP3 from the list. Your Incoming and Outgoing Mail servers are both mail.yourdomain.com. Ex: For the billy@mydomain.com mailbox we used as an example above, the mail servers would be mail.mydomain.com. When finished, click Next.
  7. On the Account Name line enter the mailbox name you created in your control panel. On the Password line enter the password you set for this mailbox when you created it. This is NOT the password into your website hosting account. It is the password you set for the mailbox. When finished, click Next.
  8. Click Finish and your email box will be created in Outlook Express. Please give the program time to download any emails that may need to download into the program.

Sending and Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC0F): ‘The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

This error is caused by a number of different reasons, but most often a simple reboot of the computer to refresh the Outlook program will fix this.


If this happens on download it means there may be an email stuck in your outbox. This can be fixed by simply logging into your web based email client that comes standard with your hosting plan and check the email and remove any strange files.


This often is an error caused by Outlooks Metabase not knowing what to do and how to process what ever your asking it to do.


Some other fixes include patching your Microsoft Office Software.