My Email Username Or Password Is Wrong

This is a very common error. Usually when it tells you it’s wrong, it’s because it is.


The first step is to make sure your username is your full mailbox name so for example,

It’s important to make sure you are using the right password on ALL of your devices. Our servers are designed to stop any hack attempts and if you try too many times with the wrong password, the server will ban you and you will have to call the office to have support unblock you.

One remedy is to log into your control panel and reset the mailbox password. But if you do that you will need to update all the devices for this to take effect. It is advisable to shut off all of your devices if you are required to reset your password as to not cause yourself to be blocked because the incorrect password is being sent from a phone or tablet.

If you believe you have gotten yourself banned by too many attempts you can submit a support ticket and provide them with your email address and IP. You can find your IP address by going to You can also call into the office with the IP ready and we can check the server.