How To Publish My Site Using FTP

After you log into the ftp program, the control screen shown is broken into two parts. The right side is the remote system file area. This shows the files on your area of the web server. The left side shows the files on your local computer. On both sides you can move up and down through directories. To open a directory, double click on the directory.

To upload your files you will first need to double click on the httpdocs folder in the right hand window. The directory display line will change to read /httpdocs. You are now ready to upload files.

On the left side, move through directories on your local computer until you find the files which make up your website. When the files are displayed, single click on a file to select and highlight it. Once the file is highlighted, click and drag the file into the httpdoc directory. This will cause a copy of the file to be uploaded to our server.

Continue selecting and transferring files until all files that make up your website are transferred. When finished, click Close to disconnect from the server.