How To Set Permissions On A CGI File

Permissions for the file can be changed in your FTP program after uploading. Below we have included an example from WS FTP. Other FTP programs may work differently, but should have an option for changing permissions. This option is often referred to as chmod, change permissions, modify permissions, etc. Refer to your FTP program’s help menus if you can’t find the permissions option. The maximum permissions allowed on our servers are 755.


Numeric UNIX equivalent Owner
755 rwxr-xr-x Yes/Yes/Yes Yes/No/Yes Yes/No/Yes
744 rwxr–r– Yes/Yes/Yes Yes/No/No Yes/No/No
644 rw-r–r– Yes/Yes/No Yes/No/No Yes/No/No

Here’s the easy way to remember how the numbers work:




So, if the other is set to read (4) and execute (1), the last digit would be 5.


Changing Permissions In WS FTP

  1. To begin, you will need to upload your file into your cgi-bin on the server. Be sure to upload cgi files in ASCII or they will be corrupted during the upload process and not work.
  2. In the Remote System window of WS FTP, single click on the file you wish to change permissions for to highlight it. Hover your mouse pointer over the filename and right click to drop down the menu. On the menu move to chmod(Unix) and click.
  3. The Remote file permissions window will now appear. Check or uncheck boxes to set permissions as required. Keep in mind that the max permissions allowed on our server are 755. Refer to the chart above if you are unsure which boxes to check.
  4. When finished, click OK.