PCI Compliance For Small Business

PCI compliance is now required for all commerce websites regardless of how large or small of a business you are. For most small business the cost to be PCI compliant is cost prohibitive and the challenges associated with it are very expensive. But as we have always done since I opened our doors in 1997, we’ve come up with innovative ways to meet those challenges and geared our company toward small business and what they need to be successful. We recognize many of you don’t have large budgets. We recognize many of you don’t have IT departments and understand many of you don’t even understand what they are asking you to do to comply with the PCI rules.

We understand what needs to be done for small business. We have set network up to comply with PCI standards even in a shared environment. Many webhosts are not willing to do this in a shared environment because it means that they may lose other customers because they have to enforce stringent security rules. The realize it takes more knowledge on the part of your staff to understand what needs to be done to servers to make them PCI complaint and they don’t want to invest in the equipment needed to keep customers safe. Basically its a lot of work with no return. So the answer is tell the folks they need a dedicated server. Charge them upwards of $300 a month an then deal with it. For me we made our servers compliant and everyone benefits. For those people who want to run poorly written code, unsecure software or just are sloppy in their security practices, those customers tend to be disruptive and not the type of customer that generally chooses us to be their providers.

So as we have always been we are here for small business and the customer that needs that extra helping hand. We are here to help that customer that wants to run a serious ecommerce business and we help give them the vehicle to do that. We also hope that as your business grows and our customers need more resources, we are the company they chose to provide those more resources. We have many success stories in our years and continue to work with each of our businesses to help them grown and now survive during pretty challenging times.

Any person who needs PCI compliance we welcome to call us so we can go over your specific needs. We are not a typical webhost. Our success has always been in the hands of each of our customers and we have an interest in everyone of our customers successes. As they grow and become successful we have retained our customers and grown right along with them.

So as I look over all these other websites that say they are PCI, I don’t see them saying they are willing to help the little guy. The guy who now needs to comply or go out of business. We are here to help just that guy.

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