10 Secrets For A Successful Web Site

Search Engine and Promotional Tools and Tips:

10 Secrets for a Successful Web Site and enjoying a 10% – 350% increased profits

It’s a jungle out there. Web site owners these days find themselves in a very competitive situation. Daily our customers call and ask us what the can do to either generate more traffic for themselves or how to rank higher in the search engines.

Because of the overwhelming demand for this information these are the tactics and tip we have used to make this site, as well as many of  our customers’ sites highly successful:

The Golden Rules of Owning a Successful Web Site:

  1. Search Engine
  2. Pick the right domain

  3. Design Your Site Right
  4. Meta Tags

  5. Submit your site frequently

  6. Review your Rankings Daily

  7. Website Statistics – Not just a counter

  8. Newsletters: Selling to who you know

  9. Google AdWords

  10. Accept Credit Cards

We now offer these tools as part of our hosting packages. These tools, over a $750 value if you purchased separately, give your website a competitive advantage over your competition. Because we recognize that if your site is successful, coupled with outstanding customer support, you will keep your web site active, we have designed our hosting packages to be the most complete web hosting solution available.  If you already have a website does your current hosting company provide you with advice and tools to help you have a successful site?

  • Pick the right domain: The most important thing you can do for yourself is to pick a domain name that is rich in Keywords. Search Engines love these type domains. Look at the site you are visiting, the original reason for this domain’s purchase was to pick a domain that had the phrase “web hosting” first. As a company we have over 40 different keyword rich domains, which help us place our site so that people can find us. Click here to read our in depth how to pick a killer domain name.

  • Design Your Site Right: Believe it or not the way you design your site has a lot to do with how well you page ranks with the search engines. We have seen some great site designs, but the sites rank poorly with the search engines. Take this site for example. There are far better designs we could come up with for this site however, because we designed it with the search engines in mind, we had to forgo on some of the more fancy options available, such as a flash movie or an intro page with just a picture on it. Study our home page, it is rich in keywords, rich in text and makes sure a search engine understands what our site is about. Unfortunately search engines cannot read the contents of a picture. You can put extra coding on the picture but it does not count as much as true actual text.
    Avoid frames at all costs. They are too difficult to compensate for, especially for a search engine novice. Avoid splash pages; again they are too difficult to compensate for. The more text the better! The more keywords you have in that text the better.

  • MetaTags and Keywords: The next important thing you can do for yourself is to title your pages with keywords in them. For example, of course you are going to want your index page title to be rich in keywords. One of the most common mistakes we see is people who title their pages with their company name. Its very natural to do this where as its been drilled into our heads from the time we young and in grammar school. If your site is about medical supplies and your company name is XYZ, INC, the title of your page needs to read as follows:

    “Medical Supplies, wheel chairs, breathing machines from XYZ, INC. Unless your are Microsoft, Amazon or other well recognizable brands, who you are is the least important part of a title tag and least important to a search engine. Because its important to have proper MetaTags, we have added a MetaTag builder to our list of features for you to use in building a successful website.

    Remember when selecting your keywords. Do your homework. Don’t just use the words you think you would use. Ask your friends. Visit goto.com. They have one of the best keyword selection tools. It allows you pick the strongest keywords for your site, based on how many searches are done. We also use this tool for recommending domain names to customers.

  • Submitting your site: After you have created and inserted your meta tags, and organized your copy so that it is rich in keywords, next comes the submission process. Another common error we see our customers make is the theory that all you have to do is submit your site once and it will forever stay wherever the search engine places it. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! On average in order to maintain a position on search engines that spider the web generally you will need to submit your site every two weeks. Spidered sites are search engines like Google, Alta Vista and Hot Bots.

    Resubmissions to Yahoo and DMOZ.org are not needed, where as they are directories.In Yahoo’s case you will be required to pay $199 to list a commercial site though them. They no longer except free business submissions. DMOZ is a great directory with all its entries being approved by volunteer editors. As with the Meta Tag builder you have access to our site submission area, which will help you submit your site to search engines as frequently as you want to. However we strongly urge you not to submit more than once a day because some view that as spamming.

  • Review your Rankings Daily: Everyday we check the placement of this site. We make sure where we rank, or where we don’t rank. If our rankings have gone down; if  we need to tweak our keywords or rewrite our website words to score better. Any website, including your site, needs to be monitored for where you place. If you begin to slip and do nothing about it your site will sink to the bottom of the list and visitors are less likely to come and your profits will drop. Because we think this is so important to the success of your site we have added a tool for you to review your site and see where it ranks on the search engines.

  • Comprehensive Web Statistics: One of the most important tool you can have available is a web statistics program that will give you a clear picture of your visitors. You can use this information to track your visitors, see which pages are being used and most important what words people are using to find you. Once you have this information you will know where your search engine positioning strategies are working and where they aren’t. We always advise our customers NOT to use a counter where as it may help your visitors formulate an opinion that you may not want about your website. If you don’t have many visitors, it may convey that your have a bad product. If you have many visitors, it may convey that you are to busy for another customer. Our program runs complete behind the scenes and can only be viewed by you. It gives you a full snapshot of what is happening with your website and gives you the information you need to properly set up your keywords and fix you search engine information.

  • Newsletters: Selling to who you know- Another way of generating and keeping your site profitable is to have a newsletter. People who have bought from you in the past are 45% more likely to buy from you again in the future. With that said by sending a newsletter to your customers you are sending them a reminder to come and visit your site. Announce specials just for emails recipients. This will help you track the success of your e-mail campaign. However, keep in mind that customers who receive unsolicited email from you are less likely to buy. Most view spam mail very negatively and with the negative speak across the Internet that opinion tends to grow. We never advocate the use of spam mail because of the negative impact it can have on your business.

  • Google AdWords: One very low-cost high expose advertising program that all website owners who need traffic should consider. Unlike goto.com you pay per impression, some as low as $.08 per view. It is a very affordable means of advertising in an extremely visible place. https://adwords.google.com/AdWords/Welcome.html

  • Accept Credit Cards: This one is huge. Although it’s last on our list, quite possible it’s the most important. If you walk away with nothing else about having a successful website, remember that accepting credit cards will explode profit. Over 80% of online purchases are paid for with a credit card. By not accepting Visa and MasterCard you are limiting your profit potential as well as limiting the impulse buy, people who didn’t intend to buy something but see you product and buy it. If you make it hard for them, you will lose the sale. Its a proven fact. Because we feel this is so important to having a successful site, we have negotiated a low cost merchant account program for our customers with a highly reputable bank.


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