Social Media

Many SEO/SEM experts believe that social media marketing is in the process of becoming the principal means of public relations, sales, ranking, and marketing on the Internet.

Building a relationship with your client base takes time and commitment, but it is the only way to develop a loyal base that is less likely to be lured away by competitors’ rhetoric or cheaper price.

Other benefits of continuing interaction with clients through social media is how easy it is to let them know about sales, events, and new products or services and answer any questions they may have. Keeping your clients up-to-date on the services and products you offer greatly increases referrals and up-sales.

Web Hosting for Idiots and other experts in the field believe that Social Media Marketing will play an increasingly important role in the authority and ranking of your site. The question most people ask is,

“Which Social Media do I need to be active in?”

This list keeps changing as the media people actually spend time on changes. Though Facebook is still important, growing in popularity are Twitter, Linked In, and, of course, Google+ because Google still has the lion’s share of web searches.

WHFI works with you to effectively set up a social media marketing program specifically designed to generate sales and leads from your client baseSocial media increase your exposure to those searching for the products/services you offer as well as those who are looking for them.

With Facebook, our social media consultants can set up your new account so you can communicate with your customers and potential leads on a regular basis. We can also help you to effectively market your upcoming sales or events with Facebook.

A Twitter account keeps busy clients informed of your latest announcements, new products and services, sales, or special events. Twitter is the instant communication tool that is the media of choice for busy professionals on the go.

Many professionals find that a Linked-In account helps them build a solid executive network that facilitates working relationships and referrals. It is the way that others, in or out of your local circles, can discover your professional training, experience, and accomplishments.

Don’t forget! YouTube is considered the second largest search engine today. Videos, especially humorous ones, are more likely to go viral, and can bring many new visitors to your site. When you add in the additional time spent on your web page, having a linked video shared by large numbers of people, it is easy to see why they can effectively increase a website’s authority and ranking.

At Web Hosting for Idiots, we assign a personal consultant to work with you to manage the social media marketing services your company needs. Give us a call and we can discuss the best plan of action for your company and then help you implement it.