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When I needed a web page for my new business I went with a one of the companies because of all their great ads. But when I ran into a snag they leveled a huge fine on me and when I refused to pay it they took away my whole website. This was my livelihood and I freaked out. That is when I found Beth Guide with ACTWD. She calmly told me not to worry that she would not only get my site back but that she would also show me how to make it more professional and help me to achieve a better ranking with google, all for a fraction of what I was beings charging me. She was so professional and helpful and she did everything that she promised me she would do. I have been with her company for four years and my web page is now a top ranking web page in my industry. I couldn’t be happier with her companies service.

Lori Betz
Betz Art Foundry Services


WHFI has worked with us to help bring our website up and doing it in an SEO friendly manner. We are very please with the work and the knowledge they have shown us

Catholic Medals and Gifts

WHFI has been the best hosting company i’ve used. They also have helped me with a custom version of OS Commerce that has tripled my traffic and sales. Kudos to you all! Keep up the good work

Linda Pearson


A friend of mine recommended ACTWD. I have been with ACTWD for several years for my personal website, and last year I moved our church website to ACTWD because of the excellent service and support.  I have made a few support calls over the years and we had some pain when converting to FrontPage 2003, but the support team at ACTWD were always quick to reply and help, sometimes calling me directly to solve a problem.  I recommend ACTWD highly.  I just wish I knew what ACTWD meant.
My Guesses …
Always Call Technicalsupport When Down
Admire Computer Techies With Diskspace
Ask Correctly Then Wait Decades (Applies to your competition, not  ACTWD)
Admit Competence To Website Doctor
All Complaints Transferred to Webhost Directly
Awful Customers Test Webhost Diligence
Jim Shivler


WHFI is the definition of superior web hosting; they helped me setup my Ipod Accessories website in mere minutes.  I couldn’t be happier with the personalized service that WHFI provided.  Whenever I need support, I can always count on getting in touch with a live person behind the line, not like those other hosting companies who make you talk to machines and wait for email responses.  I would recommend WHFI to everyone; they offer the best prices and the most superior web hosting services in the industry.


Keep up the good work


Randy Tram

Thank you for your years of service to our company. We’ve been with your service for nearly 10 years and you have always been willing to lend a hand



When it comes to web hosting WHFIis the host with the most. I’ve tried many hosting companies over the last couple of years and was never fully satisfied until I discovered WHFI. I couldn’t believe how much they offer for a price that’s amazing…I’ve found WHFI to be the most comprehensive, cost effective, easy to use web hosting service on the web, not to mention world class service. I use WHFI for my personal web site as well as my business. I recommend WHFI to all my students and clients.

Jay Mock
Internet Marketing Instructor, University Of Houston

You guys are great! Thanks for helping me get our new directory up.

Jim Hudson

I am very pleased with the new site you have built us and your ability to help us in the search engines. Your service is great!

Robert Bruenner


I’ve been with WHFI  for over a year now, and you’ve managed to exceed my every imaginable expectation. Your hosting plans and pricing are great, your  customer service and tech support are topnotch, and your reliability and stability are superb. You’ve made my first website venture a truly positive experience, and I cannot thank you enough.
Kevin Winkler

WHFI has been a fantastic partner for me and all of my interests for many years. They helped me set up my first website six years ago for my  daughters soccer team, and now host sites for several State wide Soccer organizations.
WHFI is not like all the others hosts, they really work  hard to make sure we stay up and running. When we decided to open our newest business on the web, ACTWD was our natural choice.  www.sportsquiltsinternational.com   was up and running within 24 hours of my email to their tech support  people.  In all the years I’ve been using them, I can count on one hand the  number of times any site has been down more than an hour!

A fantastic service record, and one that has convinced me to make WHFI the
permanent home for www.sportsquiltsinternational.com

Ed Loucks

You guys are FAST!  And RIGHT ON! I Emailed you last night with my web hosting request, and you had it set up today!  In the many years I have used your service, I have not had one moment of host-anguish, which is so common with the “other” fly-by-night and lightweight hosts.

Thank you for your continued excellent service.

Nannette Prohs, Elite Realty
“Welcome to First Class


Last year I decided that it was time to get my company in the World Wide Web. I realized that internet presence is a must for the success of any business these days. As a small business my marketing budget is limited so I decided on building my own website. After a couple of weeks of researching several hosting companies, I decided to go with WHFI. They offered the most complete package at the best price. Their website creator is user friendly and their customer support is really outstanding. All the extra tools are very helpful and necessary for the success of any website. My website was up and running a couple of days later. I get compliments all the time and it has given my company a professional image. I’m 100% satisfied with the service and value from WHFI. I’m happy to endorse and recommend WHFI to all my friends. If you are looking for the best value combined with great customer support, don’t look any further, WHFI is the web hosting company for you.

Nelson Marchand
Director of Eagle Tactics Inc.


WHFI has been hosting our industrial equipment site for some time now, and we could not be happier with the level of service we have received. Their technical support staff have been very helpful and made the launching of our site really easy. Our site is always up and we never experience bottle necking problems due to lack of bandwidth.  WHFI statistical reporting software if top notch, and extremely detailed, offering us all of the necessary tools we need to monitor our traffic. Thanks WHFI!


Ace Industrial Pallet Rack


As small business owners who knew little about web design and web site hosting, we were looking for a company that could offer us personal customer and technical service, along with excellent site-hosting, all at an affordable price.   We consider ourselves downright lucky to have found your company and simply cannot be more pleased!  We’ve recommended you to everyone that has asked.  Each time we call, a real person actually answers the phone and patiently talks us through our problems.  And all of our emails have been answered immediately.  Thank you so much for the excellent job you do and for caring about your customers!


I few months ago I was starting a business on very little money, and spent hours online looking for the perfect web host for my needs.  I knew absolutely nothing about web hosting, website building, site submitting, etc. Of the 50 or
so I checked out, I decided to go with WHFI for 2 main reasons:  (1) the free Site Builder program was the only one I tried which I could actually use, and (2) I read what other people were saying about their technical support (and being a dummy, I knew I’d need them).

I couldn’t be happier with my decision!
I have recommended the company twice so far, and will do so again to anyone who asks!  they go absolutely above and beyond what anyone could possibly expect.

Julie A. Goren
Lawdable Press


WHFI have proven to be a great choice of webhost. We originally tried one of the cheaper sites but had downtime, emails problems and really bad support. Eventually we saw the light then tried to switch over. It was a nightmare but WHFI  Tech Support (Landon in particular) was great. Friendly ‘live’ people actually based in the USA (!) and they really made the transition easy as possible for us. Its a dream team as far as we are concerned. From all the parents at the British School Of Houston, very many thanks.



I would like to let all the staff at Web Hosting for Idiots know that I have worked with a lot of other “Business Web Site Hosting” companies and yours is tops on my list. We have had more than our share of surprises charges and uptime problems with other hosting companies we’ve dealt with before yours. I admit they were cheaper priced but not when you consider they were off line more than on and surprise charges don’t get me started. In short our business suffered for it. Thanks for your continued services since 2002, the excellent help and all your the follow-up support when we need it. Every request I ever made has always been answered and delivered in timely fashion, even those 3 am design request (sorry). I really love the support I’ve gotten.

You are FIRST RATE!!!
Thanks so much
Mardelle Armstrong


I’ve learned so much from all of you and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to create Davin’s site without your help. Other companies need to learn from ACTWD’s professionalism and enthusiasm to help their clients’ business online. You’re customer service and knowledge exceeds all expectations with genuine commitment to high standards of performance.


Tammy James

ACTWD is one of the best, the support team is very knowledgeable and always helpful. I think they are wonderful.

Otis Brown

ACTWD has hosted my web site for about five years now. Throughout that time, my site is very rarely down, and then only when the servers are being rebooted. This definitely works well for me, as my web based business requires new people to view it regularly. A huge added bonus is how my web host rep, Bethand her associate Charlie have treated me. Beth has gone out of her way to assist me when I have issues with FTP uploads to my site and other technical snafus; she was even on the phone with me New Year’s Eve 2009 for about 20 minutes to assist in a server password matter.
Beth & Charles have proven to me that you can still get top notch customer service bundled with an extremely reliable web hosting platform.  ACTWD has earned my gratitude, loyalty and ongoing business. I recommend them highly to anyone who needs a stable environment for their web presence, backed by highly skilled tech people who haven’t lost their people skills. Thank you, Beth and Charles. ACTWD rocks!–Wade Vernon / www.austinfitness.net

After having a bad experience with another web hosting company, I signed up with ACTWD. My website is not a business, and I am no web master. This site is purely a hobby and an opportunity for me to expand my horizons.
The staff at ACTWD has been extremely helpful anytime I have called. The staff is more accessible than most and I have always been treated with nothing but courtesy and respect. My previous web-hosting company really didn’t want to offer much help since I am not a professional programmer or designer.
My hat is off to you guys, thanks for being a great help to me!

The folks at ACTWD are the best!  They take the time to help you and listen to your questions.  It is such a relief to find such excellent support on line — and at such great prices!  Keep up the good work!”
Brooke Atkins,
www.worldclassoutdoors.com  and learn-taxidermy.com


I have been delighted with WHFI as my web host. Unlike two I used previously, I can count it no hassles when I update my site or accessing it. Being able to use Microsoft Frontpage as an editor is fantastic for beginners. Few web hosts are equipped or skillful enough to offer Frontpage extensions. One owner told me “it
creates problems for me”. Funny, WHFI has no problems with it. -Lindy13.com


ACTWD Web Hosting in a word the best on any level. Web site success starts here no need to make comparisons to any other, I have used their service for years. Microsoft  Google Yahoo MSN friendly. If you are here you are at the right  place.

L. Button




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