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Web Hosting for Idiots doesn’t think our clients are idiots, we just aim to make designing, implementing, and maintaining a website so simple even beginners can do it right.

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A web hosting service you choose can affect the traffic flow to your site significantly. There are many free services available that provide free sites. These may be good trainer sites, but the the trade-off in down-time, pesky ads, lack of creative control make these suitable for individuals or small blogs only. A company that is conducting business over the internet and wanting to amplify their customer base, needs to use a savvy web hosting company that can improve the site’s overall function.

The primary attributes of a reliable web host are plenty of years in the business and a customer-centered mentality. Even though the internet has been around for a while now, it is a constantly changing environment. A company that has been in the internet business for some time knows how to navigate through the different changes that can occur on an almost daily basis. They are familiar with the different things that search engines look for when ranking sites, how different operating networks work, and will most likely be able to offer services well beyond the basics. When it comes to increasing a site’s visibility and traffic, which equates to higher revenue for that company,  a business that has weathered years of service is a good bet.

Let’s face it: web hosting is a complicated and technical business.  Web Hosting for Idiots has trained personnel and the right equipment to secure your site with the maximum possible up-time allowing you to focus on doing business. We are a full-service web design and internet marketing company that can help you promote your business from launch all the way through to a corporate level presence on the ‘Net.

Stable Servers

A good provider will have stable servers. Problems with servers can affect your business’ reputation, not to mention your ability to conduct transactions with customers. A downed server can affect any script on the page, files, data, and the customers overall experience on the site.

Plentiful Disk Space

The host must also supply enough disk space for each client. There needs to be enough room to store multimedia files, databases, scripts, and other files pertaining to the company. Files that are not visible on the website may be backed up on disk storage to help the site work properly.

Security That Stops Hackers in their Tracks

Security is another key factor that needs to be considered. There needs to be measures in place to ensure the security of each website. This may include, but is not limited to, a list of people that are able to access the site to make any changes using specific passwords, frequently changing passwords, password-protected directories, secure sockets layer certificates, email encryption, among other features.

Companies that offer this type of service should also offer the ability to use an FTP to transfer many or bulky files to and from the website. This gives users the ability to add, rename or remove files on the server.

Reliable Email

Email accounts are another consideration. Clients should be able to have corresponding email accounts to their domain name. The email service may include auto-responder, forwarding, and incoming and outgoing email servers. It should also offer some type of spam and virus filter for those email accounts.

This is just a basic overview of what a web hosting service should be able to provide. Web

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