Web Hosting Technical Specs

Web Hosting Technical Specs: How we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee

All of our servers are top of the line Dell Servers, not cheap home-made “white boxes.” Each server is backed by Dell for immediate repair in even of failure. We spare no expense on our equipment because we understand that’s what will keep your site running.

  • Each server has a minimum of (4) 3.0 gig processors to insure a blazing fast website
  • Raid 5 disk array for multiple hard drives to prevent hard drive failure which would disrupt or corrupt your site. Drives are not the “best buy” variety. These drives can be replaced on the fly with NO downtime to your site or data loss
  • 2 gig ram per machine.
  • Comprehensive hardware firewall to stop DOS attacks and other problems that can cause your website to be unreachable.
  • Daily Backup
  • Redundant and Backup Power supplies

Connection and data facilities:

  • Redundant OC-196 direct backbone connections. This insures that there is never a bandwidth squeeze that will make your sight slow or unresponsive. We make sure that at any point in time there is 90 percent of our network free for your use.
  • Biometrically secured facilities to present any type of theft.
  • State of the art waterless fire protection
  • Two week diesel backup power supply

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