WordPress FAQs

Q: What Is A WordPress Theme?
A: A theme is a set of files that make up the design and style of your website. Depending on which theme you choose, the appearance and design options will be set to what the theme offers. There are several themes that are also specific to industries like cooking/recipes, photography, lawyers, shopping, etc. The options are endless when it comes to wordpress themes. When you are choosing to your theme, make sure the theme is compatable with your version of wordpress.

Q: How To Add An Image To My Page?
A: Make sure you have the editor page open for the page you want to add the image to and then select the place on the page where the image should go. Click on the Add Media button (see image) and a block will open on your screen. If you have already upload the image, then you can select the image from the Media Library and click on Insert Into Post. If this is a new image, click on the Upload Files tab. Click on Select Files, the box that pops up will allow you to select the image from your local computer files. Once you select the file, click Open. It will load the photo and refresh back to the Media Library tab. Once you see that the photo has loaded click on Insert Into Post.

Q: How Do I Disable Comments On My Site?
A: Under Settings, click on Discussion, this is where you can find the settings for the comments on your website. The top section called, Default Article Settings has an option to Allow People To Post Comments On New Articles, you will want to make sure if is unchecked if you do not want to allow comments. If you want to only turn off comments on certain pages you will need to do that on those specific pages.


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